ACEO Collection

Over the last few days, when I can catch a minute, I’ve started doing art on 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch ACEO cards. I used to make these and trade them with artist friends all the time, but it’s been a while. Reaver up there, I made back in 2012 or 2011, around the time Fable 3 was still new. All the others are from this month or within the last few months. Keeki and Magnai are my newest. It’s almost replaced drawing in a sketchbook at this point. I’ve been having far too much fun.

There’s a nice challenge of being able to draw on a small medium—you have to get your composition to fit, you have to get your pen nibs to cooperate, and you have to make every square centimeter count. I feel like I rather enjoy the end results, as seen in the first, and topmost image. Once they’re popped into the toploaders, they’re beautiful. At some point I want to make some with the curved edges, or at least, buy a pack. They’re quite classy!

All of these were done with prismacolor markers and liner pens, save for Sailor Moon up there, who was done with prismacolor liner pens and prismacolor pencils. Blending was managed using the mineral oil solvent technique, which I really want to make a tutorial on quite soon. Joining us for the picture of the loaded “toploaders” was Caffeine, the Cyndaquil. ♥ 

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