Hi, I’m Kousagi and I really like comics and stuff.

Right now, I just kind of draw whatever perks my interest. My go-to fandoms are always MCU and various games/anime, but MCU is most consistent because it’s remained so relevant and fresh the last few years. Final Fantasy XIV makes a comeback every few months on my blog, between my hiatuses and jumps back into the game. Star Trek is another big one, I’ve been following the Boldly Go comics religiously and hope to see more Jaylah, because she’s honestly quite “bae” as they say.

I used to draw a lot of shippy, romance stuff, but I’ve been trying to break out of that. Occasionally, I’ll throw some stuff out when I’m really passionate about an OTP, but I’d like to do more original work that focuses on individual characters or many-character relationships, not just romance. But, let’s be real, a new hot OTP is going to hit me like a freight train at some point soon and my blog will be nothing but Character A x Character B fanart for at least two months. Good luck, guys.