♥ What is an ATC (or ACEO?) ♥

An ATC is an Artist Trading Card, but sometimes you’ll see them called ACEOs (Art Cards Editions & Originals.) They are 2.5×3.5 inch cards that fit in about any card sleeve and look pretty awesome in a binder page full of ATCs. Some people solely trade amongst other artists and other people sell originals and signed print editions. I like to keep them safe in toploaders (those clear, hard plastic card protectors as seen above.)

♥ How Are These Made? ♥

I use 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards made for use as ACEO/ATC card bases. They’re a fairly heavy weight paper made to be illustrated on with marker, pencil, etc. All cards are colored with prismacolor pens, liners, and occasionally touched up with white sakura gel pens or in rarer cases, opaque white acrylic paint. After completion, every card is carefully scanned for a digital copy that is given decent color-correction and post-scan cleanup before being safely given it’s own toploader sleeve.

♥ Kinda Want One? ♥

At my shop, I’m selling card commissions for you to either keep for yourself or trade among other artists and character creators. Or you can just keep them and display them on your wall as a keepsake of the characters you love most. Every card I ship out goes to a real world address provided by the commissioner protected in a free/complimentary hard plastic toploader to protect it and display it. Buyers will also get a digital scan of the card, so you’re getting art emailed to you as well. Characters in the cards are entirely yours and you’re free to do whatever you please with the digital art (edit, resize, reuse) in however manner you see fit.

♥ Sample Art ♥

The digital scans that get sent to you will be bigger than these—about 1500x2100px in .PNG format. Included will be a much smaller version for web display (like to put in your profile or upload on your pages without weighing 30mb a file!) that comes in closer to 750x1050px in .PNG format.

♥ ~ Le Menu ~ ♥

So here’s what’s for sale right now! Some specials are holiday & seasonally themed, so check back often!

Current Specials
The Cheeb Special”
Colored, full-body chibi art of your requested character. Background is simple, complementary color to the character.
. . . . . USD $14
The Summer Solstice Special”
Colored, waist-up, full-sized (non-chibi) art of your character. Character must be wearing swimwear. Background and pose will be beach/summer themed.
. . . . . USD $18
The Quick Lunch Special”
Lightly-colored/shaded (grays or pastels) waist-up of your character, non-chibi. Coloring is very quick and light. This is mostly a lineart commission with a little bit of extra touch-up and decorating with one to two colors.
. . . . . USD $12
Build A Card
Single character, non-chibi, waist-up portrait, grayscale, non-detailed BG . . . . . USD $18
Single character, non-chibi waist-up portrait, color, non-detailed BG . . . . . USD $20
Add specific, detailed BG . . . + USD $2 (optional)
Single character, non-chibi, collar-up (headshot) portrait, grayscale . . . . . USD $14
Single character, non-chibi, collar-up (headshot) portrait, color . . . . . USD $16
 Digital-Only Discount
So what if I want any of these, but just want the digital copy and don’t want to bother with mailing or shipping? Is there a discount for just the digital art commission alone? Absolutely! If you prefer not to bother with shipping and would prefer I keep the original, you can take $5 off of the total price. Meaning, if you just wanted the Cheeb Special for USD $14 but preferred not to take the card, your total would come to $9. If you wanted the Quick Lunch special for USD $12, but opted for the digital-only discount, your total would be $7. 


♥ Rules & Disclaimers ♥

I reserve the right to turn down requests that I’m uncomfortable with. I will not draw hyper-violent gore, NSFW explicit, or sexual fetish art. I’m iffy about drawing furry, but only because I am not very experienced with that and don’t want to turn out a bad drawing. Because of the nature of these pieces being traditional media (and thus harder to make corrections for without starting over entirely) you’ll have to understand that all card designs are final, so if there are any absolutely important details (things that make or break your character’s design) please provide these details in the description and reference images. Please provide reference images. All shipped products are mailed out with USPS first class mail. I can mail to anywhere within the US, Canada, and to Europe, but if you’re elsewhere, I’m happy to see if shipping can be done! Shipping prices are included with the commission fee.

At the moment, only paypal is accepted!

♥ Can You Do More Than One Character Per Card? ♥

Unfortunately, because the drawing area is only about 2.5 x 3.5 in, it never really turns out pretty to try and squish two characters into one card unless they’re extremely close (kissing or embracing, for example.) At a later time, I may offer a couple’s special, but for the time being, it’s only one character per card. If you want to have one image stretched onto two separate cards (so that it’s one image of two characters when the cards are side by side) that’s entirely possible as two separate cards.

♥ How Long Does The Process Usually Take? ♥

I generally get them done within a few days of sending you an email confirming the payment’s been received and that I’ll be starting the card that day. It should be no more than a week tops. Anything after two weeks (not counting shipping time) will be refunded. When I ship the card to you, I will give you a tracking number and USPS should have it to you in about 3-5 business days. I’m still gauging how quickly USPS functions with first class mail to varying countries so expect this section to be updated as I get more experience with them. ^_^

♥ Okay, I Want One! Where Do I Sign Up? ♥

Just fill out the form below and send it to me via the submit form box below!

Your Username: ____
Your Paypal Address: ____
Your Character’s Name: ____
Do you want the physical card mailed to you?: YES/NO
If “YES” what name & address shall I mail the card to?:

 Example Name
 1234 Street Address, Apt or P.O. #
 City, Postal Code, Country, etc.

Menu Item:
EXAMPLE — Single character, non-chibi waist-up portrait, color, non-detailed BG 

Total: $20

Character Personality: Detail your character’s personality here.

URLs to Reference Images: Please provide at least one good image of your character in the costume you want them drawn in.

Important, Do Not Forget Details: Specific details that you absolutely must have in your character’s design. Example—character must be wearing a crescent moon shaped earring. Or another example, character must have heterochromia (right eye blue, left eye brown.) General details you just do not want left out.