I’m always open to answering asks and messages so like, don’t be shy, I’ll try to answer whatever comes my way ASAP. Always happy to answer asks about like, art or writing tips and tutorial stuff. Just leave your questions in the comments on this page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Q) What programs do you use?

It’s a mix of SAI, Photoshop CS6, and Manga Studio or Clip Studio (Clip Studio is pretty much rebranded Manga Studio) — I swap between these programs a lot just out of what I’m feeling on that particular day. I feel like SAI and MS/CS are better for sketching comfortably and lining. Photoshop I use almost exclusively for post-processing, touch-ups, etc. 

Q) What digital art tools do you use?

Generally, I use a Wacom Intuos Small, but I also have an UGEE 21HD which is a dream for lining/inking, but at the moment, I don’t use it a whole terrible lot (workspace, hweh~) it’s rather big, but after I finish moving house it’ll get more love, I’m sure, once I get it mounted on its desk arm.

Q) What tools do you use for traditional art?

Just a cheapo sketchbook and a mechanical pencil most of the time. I have some fancier materials, but I don’t think I’ve used them to make anything I’ve posted here, yet. I’ll update this with info on those after I actually use them, hweh~ But that isn’t to say I’m not a total art material junkie, if you’ve ever got questions about paper weights, grades, and watercolor materials, I’m always so stoked to answer, I kind of get my ass lost in art stores every single time just ogling each product. 

Q) What size canvas do you work with?

I try to work over 2000×4000 these days, but sometimes I’ll do a doodle or quickie sketch that I don’t plan on spending more than like an hour on and those tend to be smaller, like 1920×1280.

Q) Do you have any tutorials?

I’ve made a couple that I have on my deviantart, but once I get my site situated better, I’ll have a proper index of the tutorials I’ve done! I want to take requests for tutorials, too, so feel free to shoot me an ask with ideas for tutorials!

Q) Can I use your art for personal projects (icons, wallpapers, etc?)

Yes, with credit!

As long as it’s not something going toward profit, or like, as long as there’s an art credit somewhere on said page or post. 

Q) Do you take requests?

At the moment, no, but occasionally I’ll have a post where I’ll be open to request art. At the moment, life’s a bit too hectic between work and general life upkeep to fit much leisure stuff in. It’s looking to ease up very soon, though. Once I have more free time on my hands and a better work-life balance, I’ll be able to do more fun stuff that gets requested. I’m hoping to get a suggestions comment thread going soon, though—suggestions being like, I can’t guarantee I’ll do it, like a request I commit to, but there’s a big chance I might try and draw it when I get a moment and think, “Hey, I wanna draw something fresh?”

Q) Do you have a youtube or twitch channel?

This is actually a big goal of mine, for at least the end of 2017—I’ve never really had good equipment for video-making, save for a cell phone camera, which I’m sure isn’t that exciting. I’m hoping to update my battlestation soon and get a rig that runs well enough to stream digital art or even traditional art. At that point, I’d really enjoy making process and tutorial vids for everyone! 

Q) How long have you been drawing?

Well, I was always the kid that liked to doodle and scribble in class, as far back as like, kindergarten, but I think my first real moment of, “I wanna draw,” came around when Pokemon came out in the US. I was a huge fan of Misty, used to dress like her and act like her, haha~ so I drew Misty fanart a lot. I’m thinking ’98 or ’99? I was about ten at the time, so gosh, that’s sneaking up on twenty years, now. 

I’ve had a couple of long hiatuses, though. I took almost two years off at one point, after injuring my wrist working at an ice cream shop (seriously guys, if you ever work at an ice cream shop, take good care of your wrists.) I drew very sparingly around that time. There was another long hiatus where I didn’t draw for almost a year and a half due to depression and anxiety issues cropping up—all of which are much better these days, thank goodness. 

It’s been a long time, but all this “long time” has taught me is to take care of yourself. Don’t fret or become stressed if you need a hiatus and take care of your body and mind first and foremost.

Q) Did you go to school or were you self-taught?

I’d say a mix—in terms of time spent, I’m like… 80% self-taught. However, in terms of how much I learned in the two years I did go to art classes in college, or even in following the lessons and tutorials of other artists online, I’d say I’m only 20% self-taught and everything else I learned from other artists. It’s hard to say in that regard? 

Formally, though, I only took two years of art classes in college where art was my major. I have an A.A. in Arts & Humanities, but it was kind of a double-major situation where I was doing half art-focus, half-English focus. I really didn’t know what I was doing or how to plan out my course path in college.

The bottom line is that I owe the vast majority of what I can do to artists who were kind and bro enough to teach others, either in college classes or taking the time and energy to make youtube videos or internet tutorials. 

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